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What is a Tennis Bracelet

Even those who don’t know much about diamonds probably have heard of a tennis bracelet. You might not know the individual parts or what it has to do with tennis, but it’s likely you’ve heard the term.

The classic tennis bracelets were cast in gold and made with diamonds. They were originally called a diamond line bracelet or an eternity bracelet. The stones in a tennis bracelet are usually the same shape and size, but different styles with alternating shapes in a pattern are popular too. 

Today, there’s different variations of tennis bracelets available to buyers. Some are crafted with coloured gemstones and in sterling silver instead of gold. They may be double or triple rows instead of a single one.

What Does a Tennis Bracelet Have to Do With Tennis?

One of the most Googled questions about a tennis bracelet is why they call it a tennis bracelet.

In 1978, a huge tennis tournament called “The 1978 US Open” was held in New York City. A professional tennis player, Chris Evert, was in a fierce match when she called for a time-out in the middle of the heated match. 

Everyone was shocked by her request and most were far enough away they couldn’t really see what was going on. It turns out, the very stylish Chris Evert had lost her diamond line bracelet in the middle of the match! 

The match was stopped by officials to let Chrissie search for her golden treasure. Apparently, the clasp had come loose and fell off her wrist. It didn’t take long to find the diamond and gold bracelet and the match resumed.

After the match, a reporter approached Chrissie to ask about the mishap. She was quoted as saying “I lost my tennis bracelet!” And well, the name stuck. 

Pros and Cons of Tennis Bracelet

Just as with every piece of jewellery whether diamond or coloured stones, there are advantages and disadvantages of owning a tennis bracelet. You get to decide if they are deal-breakers or still worth the buy for you. 


  • Goes with Everything 

The minimalist look of a classic diamond tennis bracelet is the perfect staple to go with any outfit or event. Class up a casual outfit with this piece or as an accessory to a night out on the town. Maybe even wear one out on the tennis court, but make sure the clasp is tight. 

  • Can Be Passed Down

A lot of people receive heirloom jewellery from family members. These pieces are often a unique style that’s not for everyone’s taste. Recipients of heirloom pieces will sometimes get the stones re-set into a setting that’s more their style.

  • Available In Many Styles

Today, there’s many different variations of the tennis bracelet. They also come in a variety of carat weights, diamond shapes and settings to suit your personal taste. Some tennis bracelets are made with more metal and smaller diamonds, while others may have a floating look with minimal metal and diamonds on full display. There’s a perfect tennis bracelet for everyone.


  • Can Be Hard to Put On

The biggest complaint most people have about wearing diamond tennis bracelets is the struggle to put it on with one hand. Depending on the type of clasp, it can be more difficult for some to lock their bracelet in place.

Some may need assistance from another member of the household. If you have no others, practice makes perfect. You’ll get the hang of it. 

  • Clasps Can Wear Down

Over time, precious metals can show signs of wear and tear. Gold is a soft natural metal, so it makes sense that it would need maintenance after years of wear. In a tennis bracelet, the clasps can loosen their grip, bend, or even break off. Just be aware you may need to seek out a jeweller to tighten or consider purchasing a tennis bracelet from a place that offers a maintenance warranty. 

Tennis bracelets are available in many different styles with different kinds of gemstones. Their prices may vary based on stones, quality, and precious metal. They are a beautiful piece of jewellery and a classic staple worthy of adding to your jewellery collection. 

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