About Grace Diamonds

Grace Diamonds combines South Africa’s world-famous diamond and gemstone heritage with an Irish eye for style and storytelling to bring clients worldwide, exquisite custom and ready to wear jewellery.

Founded by Irish TV presenter Gráinne Seoige and her South African husband Leon Jordaan after their own magical journey designing and manufacturing her engagement ring, the couple want to offer the same experience to clients worldwide – affordable luxury without compromise.

Grace Diamonds’ hand-picked local partners, all highly respected in the South African diamond jewellery market have created pieces for royalty, movie stars and industry moguls all over the world. Now that level of expertise and service is brought to you.

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Grainne Seoige diamond jewellery

You Come First

Grace Diamonds offers bespoke design using ethically sourced diamonds and gemstones. We focus on customer experience, offering you the opportunity to take part in the design process, selecting the perfect loose stones hand-picked for you and using superior craftsmanship. Each piece is individually designed and made to be delivered to the customer; removing the middlemen and offering amazing quality at a price point decided by clients themselves.

We are a proud member of the Jewellery Council of South Africa, adhering to its strict code of conduct.

How it Works


We will advise and assist you! Our professional and experienced diamond jewellery experts will assist you in designing your jewellery determining the correct specifications, design and budget.


We will supply you with detailed quotations on all your options. We always strive to either save on your budget or provide you with more for the same budget.

3D Design

You will receive form us, at no extra charge, an accurate cutting edge 3D rendered design. Ensuring that the ring is perfect prior to manufacture.


Grace Diamonds utilises only the best cast mould manufacturing technologies. This ensures the best build quality and precision, so that your ring is accurately made according to the 3D design.

Our Policy

The diamonds we sell are certified conflict free and have been purchased from legitimate sources not involved in funding conflict and in compliance with United Nations resolutions.

We apply ourselves to a stringent quality control process and each jewellery element will be scrutinised by our team of professionals.

All materials utilised in the creation of your item are of a standard of excellence, fair trade and conflict free.

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Diamond Engagement Rings at Grace Diamonds

Affordable Luxury without Compromise

Grace Diamonds is a high-end diamond and gemstone jewellery dealer offering a premium service to the International market   

Our Natural and Lab diamonds are certified conflict free and have been purchased from legitimate sources, in compliance with United Nations resolutions

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