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Discover the art and joys of Bespoke (custom-made) luxury at Grace Diamonds and cherish a masterpiece that’s exclusively yours. We collaborate with you every step of the way, ensuring your jewellery is a perfect expression of your personality and individuality- allowing you to bring your unique vision to life.

In addition to our fabulous Bespoke jewellery, Grace Diamonds offers Remodelling and Birthstones as part of our exclusive and meaningful services that set us apart.

Remodelling: Sometimes, cherished heirlooms or existing pieces of jewellery hold sentimental value but may not align with your current style. Our remodelling service allows you to breathe new life into these treasures. Collaborating closely with our expert team, you can transform your jewellery into a fresh, contemporary design that still holds the memories and emotions of the original piece. It’s a beautiful way to honour the past while embracing the present.
Birthstones: Birthstones are more than just gems; they are symbolic of your identity and personal journey. Grace Diamonds offers Birthstone jewellery that are meticulously curated, using unique gemstones tied to each birth month- each with its own story and significance. Whether you’re celebrating your own birth or looking for a meaningful gift, our collection allows you to encapsulate the essence of a specific moment in a stunning piece of jewellery. It’s a heartfelt way to connect with your birth month’s attributes and create a lasting reminder of life’s milestones.

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Bespoke, Remodelling and Birthstones

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