Transforming Memories: The Art of Remodelling Old Jewellery into New Treasures

Old jewellery often carries sentimental value, encapsulating memories and stories. Remodelling allows individuals to wear these cherished memories in a way that aligns with their current style and preferences. It’s a journey that bridges the past with the present, ensuring that the sentimental significance endures through a renewed, modern design.

Embarking on the remodelling journey with Grace Diamonds is an experience like no other. Dealing directly with our consultants allows you to share your vision, preferences, and sentimental attachments with us. Through this collaborative process, we create a design that not only captures the essence of your memories but also aligns seamlessly with your current style.

Adding New Brilliance: One of the distinctive features of Grace Diamonds’ remodelling service is the opportunity to introduce new stones into your design. Whether you’re looking to update the cut of your diamond or add vibrant gemstones for a pop of color, our curated selection ensures that your remodelled piece is a harmonious blend of sentimental history and contemporary elegance.
Preserving Your Precious Gold: One of the questions we often encounter is, “What happens to the gold of the old piece?” At Grace Diamonds, we are committed to sustainability and preserving the sentimentality of your jewellery. We understand the value of your original gold and strive to reuse and recycle it wherever possible, ensuring that the precious metal that held your memories continues to do so in a beautifully renewed design.
Understanding and Minimizing Gold Loss: While some gold loss may occur during the remodelling process, our expert jewellers employ refined techniques to minimize waste. Gold is a malleable and precious metal, and our craftsmen take great care to reshape and refine it, ensuring that as much of the original material as possible is incorporated into the redesigned piece.

Where to Start? It is simple, get in touch with us, share photo’s of your old jewellery piece/s and tell/show us what your new dream piece look like- we will do the rest!!

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