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The 4C’s Of Diamonds

Diamonds are commodities so they are priced differently and the price fluctuates. But what we do is strive to give you the best price available in the market on the day.

Working within your budget, we will source the finest metals, gemstones and diamonds for your perfect engagement ring or occasion piece. We will assist and guide you to determine the correct specifications so that your quote is accurate and clear.

In addition to the 4C’s, a very important and often overlooked factor is Certification. At Grace Diamonds we predominantly opt for either GIA or EGL certified diamonds.

Other often ‘hidden’ factors to take into consideration would be the Fluorescence of a stone. If you are not sure about this ask us to tell you more! This could be the difference in price you’re looking in terms of your budget,

All you have to do is decide on the amount you’re happy to spend on your dream ring and we will find you the biggest most sparkly diamond for your money.

Choosing A Diamond Is A Journey…
At Grace Diamonds, we source our diamonds from one of the richest diamond-mining regions in the world: South Africa. Each certified diamond is carefully selected for its brilliance and beauty. With each stone from Grace Diamonds you can be assured of the highest quality and grading according to the industry standard 4Cs:

1. Cut
The captivating beauty of a diamond is in its ability to reflect light and sparkle like no other precious jewel can. ‘Cut’ with diamonds is not to do with the diamond’s shape, such as pear, oval, or round, but rather to do with how close to optimal the placement and proportion of the many facets of the stone is. The more skillfully the diamond has been cut, the more fire and brilliance will be apparent. Diamond graders work under laboratory condition to analyse how close a diamond has been cut to the ideal proportions. The grade the diamond is then given is referred to as the ‘Cut’ of the diamond ranging from ‘Excellent’ (perfect), ‘Very Good’, (indistinguishable from Perfect unless you’re an expert) At Grace Diamonds, we strive to provide diamonds that have maximum brilliance and beauty.
2. Clarity
Almost every diamond has impurities called ‘inclusions’ or ‘blemishes’. The closer the diamond comes to flawless, the greater the value placed on it. These inclusions are often so tiny that they cannot be seen without 10x magnification. When buying a diamond, one should strive for at least eye-clear, that is inclusions that cannot be seen with the naked eye.
3. Colour
The colour of a diamond or rather the lack of it, is indicated by using an alphabet scale ranging from D = colourless to Z = very yellow or brown. Colour grading is done by measuring diamonds against a master set of stones under strict lighting conditions. Very subtle colour differences make a big difference to diamond value, but often they are so minimal that they are barely visible to the untrained eye and there is tremendous value to be had in the midrange of the scale.
4. Carat
Diamond carat weight put simply tells you about its size. Diamonds are already rare, and as size and carat weight increase, they become more scarce. At Grace Diamonds, our promise is luxury at an affordable price, which means we offer the best diamonds at a price that won’t break the bank. By adhering strictly to the standard set out by the 4Cs, and aiming to deliver the highest quality in luxury jewellery, the Grace Diamond experience is as unforgettable and high-class as the diamond itself

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