Grace Diamonds is proud to present an exquisite range of jewellery with genuine Gemfields precious stones


Rubies and Emeralds

Some of our exclusive Gemfields pieces.....

Grace Diamonds is delighted to bring you Ready to Wear jewellery using gemstones from Gemfields


Gemfields is a world leading supplier of responsibly sourced coloured gemstones.

Gemfields approaches mining operations from the perspective that the resources of the land belong to the indigenous people. As a custodian of precious African resources — brilliant red rubies and deep green emeralds — the group diligently fulfils its fiduciary duty to citizens with clear accounting of revenue streams. It challenges the mining industry to go beyond compliance by setting new benchmarks for sustainable business practices. 

The Gemfields group takes it’s leadership position in the mining seriously and makes it a central tenet to continually work to improve the awareness and delivery of sustainability within the industry all the way through to the end consumer. 


Natural Emeralds are a distinctly green colour that ranges between bluish green and slightly yellowish green. Almost every natural emerald has eye-visible inclusions.
In most gemstones a flaw decreases the value of the stone. Not so with emeralds, whose flaws, or imperfections add to the character of the emerald. These imperfections in emeralds are called the ‘jardin’ (French, for ‘garden’), because they almost resemble vines that entwine throughout the stone.


Known as the king of gems with a range of hues from pinkish red to deep crimson, Rubies have inspired passion since the days of the Silk Road.
From the same corundum family as sapphires – Rubies have a glow about them thanks to chromium, iron & titanium incorporated into the stone as an impurity. Natural rubies generally have imperfections in them, including color impurities and inclusions of rutile needles known as “silk”.