The Grace Diamonds travel experience!

Whether you are looking to Surprise the love of your life with an Engagement Holiday, or simply planning an African adventure of a lifetime… let us help you with the planning arrangements and also assist you in sourcing the perfect jewellery piece.

An African safari is a lifelong dream for many people around the world and those privileged enough to experience a safari to Africa are never the same again.
South Africa- The ‘world in one country’ provides a safari travel experience of great diversity ranging from the Big 5 of the private game reserves to the shark interaction and whale watching along the coast
Add to this the beautiful landscapes and diverse flora and fauna and you have the most diverse safari in Africa. Although Kruger National Park is the best known reserve in the country there are more great game parks and reserves to choose from.
Planning any holiday is a wonderfully exciting process. Whether you’re a first-time visitor to Africa or a seasoned traveller you will agree that the African experience is one that will remain imbedded in memory for a lifetime.
At Grace Diamonds we have identified the need for couples who wish to visit the ‘Home of Diamonds’ as part of their process of getting engaged- whether it being a surprise or a jointly planned trip.
We have teamed up with leading travel experts locally as well as Sub Sharan Africa to assist you in planning what could possibly the biggest trip of your life!
We have access to a diversity of places and different packages we can put together for you, ranging from our favourite bush camps to 5 Star Lodges, adventurous activities and many beautiful and desirable destinations.
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