Custom Diamond Rings

How to Design a Custom Diamond Ring Based on Your Personality

Custom diamond rings make an exceptional gift – whether for yourself or someone else. Finding the perfect cut and style, however, might be a little tricky if you do not yet know what to seek. If you are someone who believes that jewellery is an extension of your personality, then you have come to the right place. Below we will explore various types of cuts on custom diamond rings and which might appeal to you based upon your personality.

Diamond cutting began in the fourteenth century, but it wasn’t until the sixteenth century that specialised tools were developed to cut facets into these marvellous gemstones. Some think that the tradition of diamond engagement rings began in 1477 when Archduke Maximilian of Austria gave Mary of Burgundy a custom-cut diamond ring.

The Round Cut

Round gems are most popular as they are not only pleasing to the eye but represent unending love and commitment. Wearers drawn to this shape tend to be romantics at heart with traditional ideas on courtship and marriage. Oval cuts, on the other hand, also draw on a conventional style but may be for someone a little more creative and feminine.

The Princess

This cut is square-shaped and showcases the perfect brilliance of any jewel. Another popular and traditional form, princess-cut gems are for bold, fun-loving personalities who love the spotlight.

The Asscher

The Asscher cut was designed in 1902 by the I.J. Asscher Diamond Company in Holland. The shape exudes vintage sophistication and looks rather opulent and royal. Wearers who enjoy the finer things in life will adore custom Asscher rings.

The Marquise

Sometimes called the “little boat”, the marquise shape is an oval-type cut with pointed ends, resembling an eye. Due to the form, custom rings with a marquise-cut may look larger than other jewels of the same carat weight. The style also elongates the finger, creating a dramatic statement. Individuals attracted to this shape often know precisely what they want in life and take the creative initiative in everything they do.

The Pear Cut

Pear cuts (sometimes called teardrop cuts) are an eye-catching form that treads the fine line between sentimental vintage jewellery and modern design. While one end of the piece is soft and round, the other is pointed and sharp, denoting a balanced duality between gentleness and honesty. Women who enjoy such a  piece are likely well-rounded, expressive individuals who like to show the world what they’re feeling.

If you are seeking a custom band for yourself or your beloved, don’t hesitate to get in touch with us today to find out more.

Custom Engagement Rings

3 Reasons Why Custom Engagement Rings Are a Better Investment

With the industrial revolution came mass-produced goods that were easy and cheap to come by – a fact upon which modern society still heavily relies today. Food, toys, fast fashion clothing, and just about every item in our homes is mass-produced. When it comes to jewellery, unfortunately, mass-produced products lose any semblance of individuality. Now, more than ever, buyers are looking for authentic, bespoke services – especially in terms of custom engagement rings.

You see, a marriage proposal is one of those life-changing moments that families reminisce about for years to come. It’s a magical memory that cements itself in the minds of a couple and ultimately sets the tone for their romantic future together. A proposal is intimate, personal, and highly cherished – something far too valuable to mark with a store-bought band. If you are on the fence about whether you should be looking for retail or custom engagement rings, then here we look into a few reasons why the latter is a better investment.

  1. You Have Complete Creative Control

Whether you are designing your own or one for your partner, custom engagement rings give you absolute control when it comes to the design process. At every phase of the journey, you can step in and change whatever you would like. Unlike purchasing a ready-made band that might seem as though it’s not quite right, you can employ a bespoke service to design a piece that is precisely how you want it.

  • You Designate Your Own Budget

You will find that one of the first myths you’ll come across while researching custom engagement rings is that it is vastly more expensive. The fact is that you can set your budget and decide how your money will be used. Store-bought products also need to cover plenty of overhead costs like labour, advertising, insurance, and utilities. Bespoke services allow you transparency in understanding what every phase of the process costs.

  • There is No Comparison in Quality

Mass-produced jewellery created in a production line is not likely to be made with the same time, love, and care as a tailored piece. In terms of quality, you are far more likely to receive a ring made with higher standards in mind when a master craftsman creates it.

Here at Grace Diamonds, each of our custom engagement rings is expertly designed and crafted with the greatest commitment to a top-quality end-result. If you would like to cut out the middleman and enjoy bespoke services and a custom piece made with only the finest raw materials, we invite you to get in touch with us today.

Bespoke Engagement Rings

Bespoke Engagement Rings and the Secret to Choosing the Right One

If you and your partner have been discussing the prospect of marriage for a while, you may feel it is time to finally take the leap and propose. The problem arises, though, when you cannot seem to find the right ring at any of the generic jewellery stores you visit. The solution, of course, is to look into bespoke engagement rings.

Bespoke engagement rings come with a few benefits, mainly that they cater to personal style, preferences, and lifestyle. You get to engage with the piece’s manufacturers to craft an item of exceptional beauty, precisely to your liking. In this way, you gift your loved one with a band that shows them how much thought and care went into creating their ring. With so many styles and trends available, however, how does one decide? Below we discuss a few simple steps on how best to decide on the creative direction you wish to take with a bespoke engagement ring.

Step 1: Go Window Shopping

While the most obvious point, many engagement rings are not well received because they have nothing to do with what the wearer likes. A large, gaudy ring, for example, may not be within the taste of someone who prefers a small and delicate band. Take some time to browse through jewellery shops and get a feel of what your partner likes. Ask specific questions about gem cuts, colours, and types of metal they like. Don’t forget to find out your partner’s ring size by having them try on different rings or measuring one they currently own.

Step 2: Think About What You Both Value

This step requires a little reconnaissance, as you will need to explore and investigate several factors. Firstly, consider your partner’s overall style, likes, and dislikes. Secondly, think about aspects of your relationship that you both value and enjoy. Perhaps you both adore the rain, or a quote from a poem – these are elements that can be incorporated into bespoke engagement rings.

Step 3: Finalise Your Budget

Shop around to get an approximate idea of how much engagement rings cost and dedicate a budget to the process. When partnering with us, we stick to your given price point, but will also advise you on various options within your budget.

So, if you are ready to start your journey into a custom engagement band, then why not allow us to walk you through this exciting phase of your relationship? To find out more, don’t hesitate to contact us for a free, professional consultation.

Diamond Engagement Rings

Why Should You Shop for Diamond Engagement Rings at Grace Diamonds?

Searching for the perfect band to mark your proposal to your beloved takes time. Unfortunately, not everyone has a pleasant shopping experience. If you are looking for diamond engagement rings from a reliable source that offers superior craftsmanship and products at a price point decided by the client, then our range of bespoke services are ideal for you.

Your Needs are Important to Us

Here at Grace Diamonds, we understand how personal diamond engagement rings are. Not only do you want to show your loved one how much they mean to you, but you would like the gifted item to symbolise your deep and unending love for each other. By offering a personal customer experience, we get to know you, your love story, and find out the ideas you have in mind. As a valued client, you are involved in every step of the process, from start to finish.

Affordable Luxury Without Compromise

Because you approve each leg of our journey together with our team, you get to decide the price point from which we work. Customised diamond engagement rings can be expensive, but we ensure that you get what you want within your budget range, with no compromise on quality.

Impeccable Craftsmanship and Build Quality

We know that nothing less than the best is acceptable for your loved one. As such, we make sure to use only the most innovative manufacturing technologies to ensure that the quality of our craftsmanship is superb, thereby guaranteeing our clients that all diamond engagement rings sourced and created through us are unparalleled in quality. Once a piece has been manufactured, our master craftsmen carefully examine it under magnification to ensure it meets only the highest industry standards.

Add a Personal Touch

Custom diamond engagement rings are not like other mass-produced pieces on the market. We pour our heart into each design you entrust us with, to ensure the final product is unique, exclusive, and made with exceptional raw materials. No matter the design, materials, or special touches you have in mind, we will do our best to accommodate each of your ideas to create a truly unique piece.

Our Values on Sourcing

All of our diamonds are conflict-free and certified by the European Gemological Laboratory (EGL), the Gemological Institute of America (GIA), and the Jewellery Council of South Africa (of which we are a proud member). Each gem is ethically sourced, so you have peace of mind when it comes to the origins of your item.

For diamond engagement rings and other professional bespoke services, feel free to submit your enquiries online with us today.

Handcrafted Jewellery

Have a Look at Our Range of Spectacular, Handcrafted Jewellery

Few things in life are more delightful than being surprised with a precious pendant or stunning ring – or better yet, spoiling yourself with one. If you are looking to shop for a special adornment for yourself or others, then our handcrafted jewellery is sure to impress you. We aim to capture the fascination of all who lay eyes upon our unique creations.

You see, at Grace Diamonds, our dedication to master craftsmanship and attention to detail is what sets us apart. By using the finest raw materials, leading 3D design technology, and some of the industry’s top crafting experts, you can expect great-quality products. Here we have a look at some of the types of handcrafted jewellery options we offer.

Breathtaking Bracelets

A glimmering statement bracelet encircling the wrist is a beautiful addition to any outfit – especially if you are looking to impress. Giving someone a custom bracelet is the perfect way to show them how much you care.

Fabulous Earrings

What woman doesn’t love to match a pair of earrings to her ensemble? Regardless of whether you like studs, diamond hoops, or drop earrings, no other kind of handcrafted jewellery frames the face quite as beautifully as earrings.

Dazzling Pendants

Whether you would like to shower your best friend with love or show your mother how much she means to you, pendants and necklaces are a magnificent way to do so. Choose your metal, stone, and design, and our team of experts will help to bring your inspired ideas to life.

Birthstone Birthday Gifts

Ethically sourced and masterfully crafted, we create stunning, handcrafted birthstone jewellery. Treat the one you love with their birthstone on a band or match a pair of earrings and a pendant. Not only will we help you match the birthstone to a beautiful metal, but we will also assist you with ideas when it comes to your preferences.

Custom-Made Rings

Rings are significant pieces and symbolise an unending commitment to someone you love – this is why they are used for weddings, engagements, and rites of passage. If you want to make a special occasion distinctive and memorable, consider putting thought, creativity, and love into a custom ring.

As a high-end, handcrafted jewellery dealer, we strive to bring world-class products and services to the market. Far exceeding industry standards, our vision is to bring each client affordable luxury – without compromise. If you would like to get in touch with us today, simply fill out an enquiry form online or email us at

Custom Engagement Rings

Custom Engagement Rings: What They Are and How We Can Help

If you have been looking into engagement rings for a while, then it is quite possible that you are struggling to find something perfect. Perhaps you and your loved one have perused jewellery shop windows often, pointing out the glistening designs you liked most. Or, maybe you still have no idea what kind of ring your partner would enjoy. Either way, the perfect solution for those who want more than a generic-looking band is to look into custom engagement rings.

Why Go Custom?

The day you propose will be a special memory that you and your partner will keep in mind for decades to come. Many couples do a simple dinner date, while others plan a proposal that rivals all others. These moments can be captured with photographs and videos, but engagement rings are a daily reminder of that beautiful time. Custom bands are designed by you, for your loved one specifically. As far as engagement rings go, it does not get more personalised and intimate than a tailor-made band. We would argue, in fact, that your beloved deserves nothing less than a bespoke ring to show them how special they are.

We Will Guide You Through the Process

So, how does one go about finding a company that crafts custom engagement rings? Here, at Grace Diamonds, fortunately, personalised bands are precisely our speciality. Our process takes place in a few, simple steps:

Step 1: You get in touch with us. You can tell us all about your incredible love story, your jewel preferences, and what kind of budget you have in mind. One of our expert consultants will then contact you to assist you throughout this exciting journey.

Step 2: Once you have an idea of what you would like your design to incorporate, we will send you a quote according to your budget.

Step 3:  We bring your ideas to life through cutting-edge 3D designs, which you will view before the manufacturing process.

Step 4: After you have viewed the 3D model and you approve of how it looks, we can move on to making it.

Step 5: In the final step of the process, custom engagement rings are meticulously crafted to precision, ensuring you top-notch, exquisite quality. You will then receive your beautifully packaged piece.

There is no reason to settle for store-bought jewels when a personalised design means so much more. If you would like to know more about our process or receive your quote today, please feel free to contact us at your earliest convenience.

Handcrafted Rings

5 Popular Trends That Are Transforming the Way We See Custom Handcrafted Rings

Like fashion, décor, and even weddings, jewellery is subject to international trends that dictate demand. While handcrafted rings are unique and timeless, it is evident that even they draw inspiration from new ideas. While jewellery fads are often driven by celebrities and even a defiance of previous mainstream ideas, handcrafted rings are usually unique and expressive. While trends in handmade designs do inspire many individuals globally, it is important to remember that they also provide much room for personal style and creativity.

Below are five trends that do a great job of allowing the designer to express their creativity.

  1. Mixing Metals

A few years ago, pairing silver earrings with a gold necklace would have been considered strange. Today, we see beautiful metal combinations in custom handcrafted rings that emphasise the allure of the chosen gems. Intricate designs are also far more visible with the contrast of two or three different metals.

  • The Antique Feel

Vintage aesthetics have been trending for a while now, and we suspect this ageless style will continue to stick around. Coloured stones in unique shapes and bands that look slightly weathered are distinctly romantic. If you would like something with a little more character than a pristine, gleaming band, then try to explore some old-world designs.

  • Interesting Stone Cuts

You may be tired of seeing standard, round diamonds. If this is the case, then you will adore the look of something a little less traditional. Nowadays, we see fascinating jewel shapes, such as pear and half-moon handcrafted rings.

  • Hidden Details

Handmade bands become even more special to the receiver when they have been designed with a few unexpected surprises. Hidden pavé accents, an engraved message on the inside of the ring, or even an unseen gem or two allow for an intimate secret expression between the giver and receiver of the piece.

  • Stackable Bands

While women often stack their engagement and wedding rings, stackable bands have become even bolder in their recent designs. Bands with different colours, stones, metals, and settings can be stacked (sometimes in any order) if crafted to fit into each other. This also gives the wearer the option of only wearing one or two of the rings depending upon how they feel on the day.

If you are interested in incorporating elements of these trends into your custom-made ring, we can help. With our bespoke jewellery design services, we will assist you in crafting a masterpiece that is perfect as an engagement or wedding ring, gift, or memory band.

Custom Diamond Rings

How Custom Diamond Rings Commemorate a Special Memory

As time passes, moments that were once meaningful to us begin to fade at the edges. Marking these memories is the best way to not only preserve these precious moments, but also to transport us back to those happy times. Jewellery is personal in that it can hold deep emotions and powerful memories because people easily attach their sentiments to it. At Grace Diamonds, we know that custom diamond rings act as beautiful reminders of a significant person or event, and that they can help to seal these impressions in our minds.

If you are looking to mark a particular time in your life – for yourself or a loved one – then nothing is as rare or exquisite as a diamond band. Custom rings can express your creativity and passion surrounding an idea, so gifting this to someone is an incredible gesture. Below are just some of the moments you can choose to commemorate with a custom band.

Your Engagement or Wedding

It is common to use jewellery to celebrate engagements and wedding ceremonies. If you have an upcoming event in which you wish to declare your love for someone, then why not consider custom diamond rings? Designing a unique ring yourself will show your partner just how much you truly care for and appreciate them.

An Achievement

Perhaps someone in your life is celebrating an achievement or event, such as graduating, getting a new job, or their wedding anniversary. A custom band will help them to remember these spectacular moments. Special birthdays and rites of passage are also perfect times for such gifts.

Remembering a Loved One

Grief is challenging and forces many individuals to think about the times they shared with the person they have lost. Crafting a memory band in honour of someone is a way to bring oneself comfort in the form of an item that one can wear any time. Some people choose to use jewellery that belonged to a loved one to craft a new ring, necklace, or bracelet.

Honour a Legacy

Diamond rings, if well taken care of, will last a very long time, which makes such them ideal for celebrating your legacy. You can choose to pass a band down from generation to generation, and create a special tradition for your family to enjoy long after you have passed.

If you are interested in memorialising something special with a handcrafted band, please feel free to contact us today for more information. You can also like and follow us on Facebook or Instagram to receive regular updates and news.

Luxury Diamond Rings

Anniversary Gift Ideas for That Someone Special

Tradition stipulates that paper gifts are for the first anniversary and luxury diamond rings are for the 60th anniversary. Modern marriages, however, don’t really stick to any gifting rules. While you are still free to get your spouse paper, aluminium, or fine china as tradition dictates, you could also get a little more creative. Celebrating love and commitment can come in just about any form, and it truly is the thought that matters. For a few exceptional ideas on how to find the perfect gift for your beloved, keep reading below.

A World Map for Travel Enthusiasts

If you and your spouse adore adventuring, why not get them a thumbtack travel map? Mark all the places you have been together with a certain colour, while using another colour for all the areas you still wish to explore. Even if it seems an unreachable goal, dreaming big with your partner is a fantastic way to bond and let them know you share a passion with them.

Learn Something New Together

By now, you are probably tired of celebrating every special occasion at some fancy restaurant. One idea for enjoying quality time together and having tons of fun is to learn a new skill. Horse riding, cooking classes, pottery, or even skydiving are sure to show you a new side of your spouse.

Book a Weekend Away

Go someplace unexpected where you can celebrate your years of commitment to each other. Whether lazing about on a tropical beach or enjoying a simple bed and breakfast – take time to focus on your spouse and make them feel loved and valued.

A Week of Spoils

Can’t think of one, big gift to give? A week of small spoils each day will do the trick too. Surprise them at work with flowers, a bubble bath when they get home, or a relaxing massage in the evening – anything to break their routine. One anniversary week of pampering and they won’t be able to take their eyes off you.

Luxury Diamond Rings and Jewellery

As previously mentioned, luxury diamond rings are sometimes reserved for the 60th anniversary, but you know your beloved deserves one every day. Few things express love the way luxury diamond rings do, and you will certainly wow your significant other with such a spectacular gesture.

Then, of course, there is the option to do it all. Shower your spouse with gifts, romance, and beautiful memories to celebrate the precious love you share. If you are keen on handcrafted, luxury diamond rings, then we are your one-stop store. For affordable quality without compromise, get in touch with us today.

Handcrafted Rings

Grace Diamonds Offers a Unique Collection of High-End Jewellery

Few things in life are more precious than breathtaking gifts and heirlooms with profound meaning and value. Jewellery has long been seen as a cherished way to express love, adoration, loyalty, and appreciation. The sentiment behind a prized piece of jewellery is powerful and can conjure memories of a treasured moment. 

At Grace Diamonds, we seek to bring stunning, affordable jewellery to the world without compromising on quality. Handcrafted rings, intricate pendants, and legendary gemstones are what make our name an industry favourite. For a wide selection of high-end, custom jewellery, there is no place better than our store.

Statement Bracelets

Delicate and seductive, a woman’s wrist never looks more beautiful than when it is encircled with bejewelled cuffs. Bracelets are a popular form of adornment that has much more meaning than just their looks. When given as a gift of love, the circular form of a bracelet represents unending love, fidelity, and devotion.

Pendants and Earrings

A beautiful ensemble and hairstyle are not complete without a little embellishment. Earrings and pendants are the best way to subtly draw attention to a woman’s décolletage and face. Accenting her beauty with the shimmer of gems and luxury diamonds is a great way to tell her you find her arresting.

Birthstone Jewellery

Each month, January to December, is designated a birthstone. By giving someone a birthstone piece, you gift them with a treasure that is unique to who they are. Birthstone jewellery in the form of pendants, earrings, and handcrafted rings is perfect for friends, family, and lovers alike.

Handcrafted Rings

People, young and old, male and female, all adore handcrafted rings. Because they are made with much thought and care, handcrafted rings truly express love. Whether for an engagement, wedding vows, or just as a personal gift, handmade bands are a magnificent gesture.

If you are looking to create something truly remarkable for the one you love, we can help you. From the imagining to the design process, we can bring life to your dream piece. Once you tell us your idea, we will send you a quote and begin the journey with cutting-edge 3D designs, in order for you to visualise the end product. Our master craftsmen then carefully examine the finished piece to ensure your jewellery is made to match the highest industry standards.

To get in touch, contact us online today or email us at

Bespoke Engagement Rings

Why Our Bespoke Engagement Rings Remain Unmatched in the Industry

We are living in an age where society values services that are tailored to match their needs. Mainstream products right off the racks and shelves of popular retailers are not enough anymore. People are looking for unique, distinctive, and exciting products – and we at Grace Diamonds do not disappoint. If bespoke engagement rings are what you are seeking, then you will find that ours knock the competition out of the park.

What Sets Us Apart

As a relatively new diamond jewellery dealer in Ireland, we saw a gap in the market for premium craftsmanship and quality raw materials. Our brand stands out because of our carefully selected industry partners that have created custom pieces for everyone from royal families to celebrities. The customer experience is our top priority, and we aim to simplify the process of designing and crafting bespoke engagement rings and other jewellery.

Our Simple Process

Designing bespoke engagement rings is a tricky process. Our experienced team does the hard work for you, so all you need to do is select your preferred style, stone, and metal. We cut out the middleman, which means that you receive exceptional products at some of the best prices in the industry.

Our Diamonds Are Certified

What is an engagement band without a sparkling diamond to catch the eye? Each one of our diamonds is sourced from South Africa’s historic diamond town, Cullinan. Here, these remarkable jewels are certified and sent to us, providing us with gems of extraordinary quality and brilliance. All of our bespoke rings are polished, cut, and set with care, and you can always expect unparalleled services.

We Believe in Charity

At Grace Diamonds, one of our priorities is to help empower communities we want to see flourish. As such, we have collaborated with UmMa Afrika Charity Trust with the aim to uplift orphans and children in need. The goal of this trust is to feed 10 000 children each day, and a percentage of our profits go towards this essential feeding scheme. One of our endeavours is to begin a trust in which every purchase made with us at Grace Diamonds will feed a child.

Trust Us with Your Vision

Whether you are seeking bespoke engagement rings or custom jewellery from the heart, we understand the importance of superior quality. Through your consultation with us, we will present you with multiple options and inspirational ideas, and work with you each step of the process. Are you looking for affordable luxury without compromise? Get in touch with us today by emailing us at or filling out our contact form online. We look forward to enjoying this exciting journey with you.

Handcrafted Engagement Rings

Frequently Asked Questions About Our Handcrafted Engagement Rings

After popping the big question and declaring your love, your partner is bound to feel special. What would make them feel even more special is if your proposal incorporated a handmade jewel. Handcrafted rings show that you thought deeply about the meaning of your relationship, who your partner is, and what they find beautiful. If you are currently seeking exquisite, handcrafted engagement rings, you have come to the right place. At Grace Diamonds, our high-end custom bands are made with care and affordability in mind. If you would like to know more about our bespoke products and services, have a look at some of the most frequently asked questions we receive.

How Do I Start the Design Process?

By either emailing us or selecting our online “Quick Contact” option, you can get in touch with one of our professional team members. Here you can discuss some style options and how you prefer your band to look. Once you make an appointment with us, you can get creative with the design process. You will have control during the process, and set your specifications and budget, while we help you create a piece of beauty.

How Much Will It Cost?

The price of your ring is based on several factors. Handcrafted engagement rings are customised to suit your needs, so you ultimately have control over how much you are willing to pay. Aspects to consider include the metal you select, the fluorescence of the ring, and the stone certification. At Grace Diamonds, we prefer GIA and EGL stone certification. Something else to think about is the 4Cs of the diamond, namely the cut, clarity, colour, and carat. We cut out the middlemen, which means that you receive a quality product at an excellent price.

How Will I Choose the Right Style?

We encourage all our clients to do a little research before the design process begins. A quick online search of the different cuts, shapes, and styles of handcrafted engagement rings might inspire you. Many clients find the beginning of the process somewhat daunting, but we are here to simplify things. Not only will we explore a range of options with you, but we will also ask all the right questions to help you figure out what your loved one likes. Handcrafted engagement rings are a distinct sentiment that lasts a lifetime – so go ahead and make that wonderful moment unforgettable. If you have any more queries, simply get in touch with us and allow our experienced team to help you find that perfect band.

Diamond Engagement Rings

Why Diamond Engagement Rings Make the Best Statement

If you are thinking about engagement rings and which type to get your partner, then one option you will consistently run into is diamond bands. Diamond rings still remain, after all these years, the most sought-after precious stone, and gifting one to your partner is a powerful declaration of your love for them.

The Fascinating History

Some scholars of history estimate that from as early as the fourth century BC, the country of India was gathering and trading diamonds as precious stones. European aristocracy caught on to the beauty of these gems by the 1400s, and when Indian trading diminished, Brazilian mining became the world’s most prominent source. In 1866, diamonds were discovered in Kimberly, South Africa, and so began the modern diamond market as we know it today.

A Symbol of Love

The splendour of diamond engagement rings lies in the fact that the stones are rare and exquisite. Those who have the privilege of wearing such a magnificent stone on their person cannot help but be in awe of its beauty. One look at the glamorous glint that rests on that band, and your betrothed will know how much you care.

Something That Lasts

Few things stand the test of time as well as diamond rings do. Due to how incredibly robust the stone’s molecular structure is, it will easily outlast us with no sign of degradation. For a sentimental piece of jewellery that you can pass down for generations to come, diamond engagement rings take the cake.

More Than One Colour

Most people are not aware that traditional white (sometimes called colourless) diamonds are not the only colour the stone comes in. During the gem’s crystallisation process, trace minerals and particulates trapped in the material affect the kind of hue the jewel produces. The gorgeous array of resulting colours includes, amongst others, red, pink, blue, yellow, and even green.

Our experience with top-quality, world-class jewellery manufacturing means that regardless of the kind of engagement band you are looking for, we can help. We offer bespoke services, such as custom jewellery design, manufacturing, and consultation all in one place, thereby removing the need for a middleman.

Not only will we help you personalise your design, but we also supply and deliver globally, so you can invest in your ideal ring no matter where you are. If you would like a band made with expert craftsmanship and raw materials of superior quality, then get in touch with us today.

Custom Engagement Rings

5 Ways to Plan the Perfect Proposal

Popping the big question is always a nerve-wracking experience. Proposals are tricky to organise, but when done with thought and care, they can lead to beautiful engagements. From planning a speech to custom engagement rings, below are five ways to prepare the perfect proposal.

  1. Speak to Their Loved Ones

Before booking that restaurant, you will need to talk to your partner’s loved ones. Some prefer a traditional approach in asking the immediate family for their blessing, while others just wish to get some feedback on how best to move forward. This is a wise idea, as it will allow their family and friends to feel included and offer them the opportunity to help you through the process.

  • Decide on a Location

You probably already know your spouse well enough to guess the kind of venue they would enjoy. Even though a fancy restaurant might be an overdone gesture, some people truly do enjoy the beauty of a simple and intimate dinner date. Should you need some fresh inspiration when it comes to fine dining or adventure venues near you, simply have a look online.

  • Consider What They Enjoy

During your engagement and your marriage, the two of you will continually think back to the day you proposed. Being able to tell the story of how you popped the question will always be a reminder of your love. Making this day special means doing something memorable together that the two of you love to do – be it hiking, shopping, or even going on a mini-vacation.

  • Think About What You Will Say

Possibly the most daunting part of this process will be thinking of what to say. Some people are exceptionally gifted when it comes to improvising and speaking from the heart, while others might require a little more preparation. As long as what you say and how you propose comes from a place of love, your partner is sure to love it.

  • Look into Custom Engagement Rings

While shopping for engagement rings, why not consider a custom band? Custom rings afford you the option of selecting the metal, ring design, type of stone, and even engraved wording. Not only will your partner feel swept up in romance, but they will also appreciate all the thought you put into it.

We know that being engaged is one of the most exciting times of a person’s life, and it is for this reason that we offer premium custom engagement rings to all our clients. If you would like to find out more, feel free to get in touch with us today.

Luxury Diamond Rings that says “I Do”

Say I Do with Our Luxury Diamond Rings

Your wedding day is one of the most important days of your life and marking it with something special means you will always remember the significance of the day. Luxury diamond rings symbolise eternal, unconditional love, and such trinkets are powerful reminders of the unforgettable joy you felt while making your vows.

If you are looking for a band that represents who you are, as well as your deeply intimate love for your partner, our exquisite selection of luxury diamond rings is the place to start looking.

Our 4-Step Process

At Grace Diamonds, we make use of a four-step process to ensure that every one of our rings is designed and crafted with the greatest of care. The four Cs we strive to employ are:

  • Cut: The cut refers to the proportions to which the stone is cut, as this is a determining factor in its shine and luminosity.
  • Clarity: Eye-clear stones are those in which imperfections cannot be seen with the naked eye. The closer to flawless a jewel comes, the more significant its value.
  • Colour: The most valuable luxury diamonds are those without colour, and colour grading must be performed on each stone.
  • Carat: The weight of the gem determines the carat. The larger the carat and the higher the quality cut, the more valuable the jewel becomes.

Expertise and Creativity

With years of experience in elegant craftsmanship, every one of our products attests to expert design and a passion for creating memorable jewellery. Whether luxury diamond rings, birthstone pendants, or a simple set of earrings, our world-class team makes use of 3D jewellery design and CAD CAM casting to ensure a final product that is tailor-made to suit our clients’ exact needs.

High-Quality Stones

All our diamonds, gemstones, and birthstones are sourced from reputable and ethical suppliers who provide us with authentic, brilliant stones. The result is a final product which you can trust is created from the finest raw materials and best practices in the industry.

Professional Service

Finding a brand that does it all is rare, but at Grace Diamonds, we strive to provide our clientele with the ultimate bespoke services to suit their needs. For master jewellers who offer impeccable services, such as a free consultation, jewellery design and manufacturing, engraving, and valuation of precious jewellery, get in touch with us today to make your appointment.

Handcrafted Rings

4 Ways to Customise Your Handcrafted Ring

Pieces of jewellery, rings in particular, are highly personal treasures that are used to represent love, friendship, and affection. Engagements and weddings are where rings are most popular, but they are also given as gifts between family members and friends.

What could be more meaningful than receiving a band customised to suit you? It is for this reason that so many people decide to have rings designed and tailored to suit the wearer. If you are considering gifting such an intimate item to someone you care for, then have a look at some of the ways in which you can personalise this trinket of love.

  1. Choose Your Metal

When considering your design, take into account that there are different types of metals with which to work. If the one you are gifting has never worn jewellery before, you may need to pay attention to their skin tone. Warmer skin tones do well with yellow or rose gold, while cooler skin tones look perfect when adorned with sparkling silver, white gold, or platinum.

After selecting your metal of choice, you will need to figure out the type of finish you wish your jewellery to have. Mirror, matt, hammered, or even sand-blasted are all options that will influence the end product. Filigree details soldered onto handcrafted rings also add an element of vintage flair and uniqueness to your band.

  • Pick a Stone

Once your ring’s shape, metal, and finish are selected, you will need to know what kind of stone you would like. Diamonds remain ever popular, but another way to customise handcrafted rings is to choose the receiver’s birthstone. At this point, your jeweller will discuss the shape and setting with you.

  • Engraving

Nothing makes someone feel more special than a personal, expressive message. Have your sentiments last forever by engraving a line in your band to communicate something memorable. Whether done by machine, laser, or hand, engraved handcrafted rings are truly special gifts.

  • Fuse Elements of Rings You like

If you really feel stuck concerning the band you want created, then why not find some pictures of handcrafted rings you like online? By consulting with your jeweller, you will be able to fuse the components of different designs you like to create the adornment of your loved one’s dreams.

For custom, handcrafted rings made with the highest quality graded stones and metals, feel free to contact us today for your bespoke consultation.

Bespoke Jewellery

Buying Bespoke Jewellery

Many people who’d love to have bespoke products that are exclusively designed and manufactured according to their individual preferences and specifications may fail to proceed, simply because they’ve already made up their minds that bespoke goods are far too expensive, especially in the luxury goods and jewellery sector.Continue reading

Custom or Customary Diamond Rings

Custom or Customary Diamond Rings

At Grace Diamonds, we’re actively engaged in the creative world of designing, manufacturing, and supplying our clients directly with their custom jewellery requirements – particularly their gorgeous custom diamond rings.Continue reading

Bespoke Engagement Rings

The Benefits of Beautiful Bespoke Engagement Rings by Grace Diamonds

When you order bespoke goods, it’s clear that you’d prefer to have an item that’s unique – unlike any other. Bespoke pieces reflect your style, preference, lifestyle, and personality. Some may consider bespoke goods as being unaffordable, because products that are not mass produced, but handmade, typically cost considerably more.Continue reading

Diamond Engagement Rings

The Home of Custom Designed, Certified Diamond Engagement Ring Manufacturers

Since the De Beers diamond company adopted the now world-renowned tag line “A Diamond is Forever” in the 1930s, coined by a New York advertising agency copywriter, it has become traditional to include one or more diamonds in the setting of women’s engagement rings.Continue reading

Luxury Diamond Rings by Grace Diamonds

Luxury Diamond Rings by Grace Diamonds

Luxury is ascribed to a product, service, item, or lifestyle that has one or more characteristics that are beyond mere necessity or that which is customary. Rings, worn on the fourth finger of the left hand in western countries and cultures indicate a promise, betrothal, intent to marry, or an already achieved married status.Continue reading

Correcting Impressions about Handcrafted Engagement Rings

Correcting Impressions about Handcrafted Engagement Rings

Grace Diamonds is a premier designer and manufacturer of handcrafted, custom-made, beautiful engagement rings. Our design, selection, manufacturing, and marketing processes are easy, straightforward, transparent, and exclusive, and yet, our method of operation provides our clients with more for their money, which is rather rare for exclusive modern handcrafted goods.Continue reading

How To Be Involved in Handcrafting Your Engagement Ring

How To Be Involved in Handcrafting Your Engagement Ring

Trends and buying patterns change. Once upon a time, everything was handcrafted. Once mass-production processes were invented, mass produced goods became all the rage and were often seen as status symbols in the early days of the adoption of these new manufacturing methods.Continue reading

The Sale of Bespoke Engagement Rings

The Sale of Bespoke Engagement Rings

If there was ever one piece of treasured jewellery that most women long to wear from an early age, it’s sure to be an engagement ring – a breathtaking creation that is typically set with one or more diamonds. This special ring may also contain other precious gemstones, but diamonds, sparkling with their unique, lively inner fire, are by far the favourite stones contained in the vast majority of engagement rings worn on ring fingers and seen on sale in jewellers’ collections.Continue reading

An Uncompromising Luxury Diamond Ring Manufacturer

An Uncompromising Luxury Diamond Ring Manufacturer

There’s no question – luxury is lovely. The more luxurious a product, brand, or service is, the more we like and want it. Although this motivation to acquire luxury items and lifestyles does display one’s affluence or financial status to some extent, most lovers of luxury simply appreciate the finer things in life, and why not?

What is luxury? By definition, anything that qualifies as being luxurious is just that; it’s not essential or basic, like food, water, shelter, an education, and a means to earn an income. Luxury goods and services are things to which many aspire that are beyond what is essential or necessary, which is often reflected in the price of luxuries.

Hand Crafts – Bartered or Bought

Today, virtually anything that’s custom made is expected to represent luxury and exclusivity, from dresses to designer furniture and diamond rings, but this was not always so. At one time, virtually everything people wished to acquire was bartered or bought with money, and was invariably hand crafted or custom made. No other production or manufacturing method existed.

Mass Production

As early as 1798, an American weapons manufacturer began to mass produce his products. However, mass production only really began on an industrial scale when Henry Ford’s vision was to make motorised vehicles en masse. He wanted to produce cars that were cheaper and more reliable – essential modes of travel and transport that everyone could own and afford.

Consequently, Ford introduced mass production via a moving assembly line. Soon, almost everything from furniture to appliances, clothing, footwear, consumables, and jewellery was made en masse for the mass markets – each item almost a carbon copy of the next. Soon, mass-produced goods were sought after and popular.

Full Circle – Back to Craftsmanship

Like in so many other fields, the art of custom made, hand-finished jewellery and diamond ring manufacturing have come full circle. Discerning lovers of luxury, exclusivity, and superior, unique quality are once again seeking bespoke diamond rings and other jewellery pieces. Following the mass route is no longer an option in the selection of jewellery.

Making Luxury Pieces More Affordable.

Grace Diamonds, our jewellery and diamond ring manufacturing company, believes in making luxury bespoke diamond and other gemstone pieces accessible to our clients by offering them once-off pieces at fair prices by providing value for money in a traditionally high mark-up, high-profit luxury market.

Because we have omitted a middle man and we work from office premises, rather than a customary retail shop, which carries costly (and mass produced) stock, we’re able to keep our operation lean and keen. This is reflected in our quotes and prices for custom-made luxury diamond rings – every girl’s aspiration and favourite. Contact us for professional, expert assistance in taking that leap into luxury.

Bespoke Engagement Rings for Sale

Bespoke or Retail Sale of Engagement Rings – Your Choice

In the quest to find that perfect engagement ring, one which reflects you, your personality, and your style, there are two fundamental routes to follow. Firstly, you’ll probably browse through relevant magazines and websites, do window shopping where and whenever you come across a retail jewellery outlet’s window displays, and/or go into traditional jewellers to try on various engagement rings that are offered for sale.

Traditional Retail Route

Unless you know exactly what you want, these steps and stops at retailers’ premises are helpful in narrowing down your choices and establishing what you like and which type, style, and design best suits you, your hand, and your personality. You’ll also get an idea of the cost of retail rings for comparison purposes later on – at which time you’ll probably realise that our custom-made pieces offer more for your money.

Unique Bespoke Pieces

The second and recommended way to obtain that dream engagement ring involves an entirely different process, which consists of a bespoke design, diamond selection, manufacturing, purchasing, and from our side – the sale. This sales process may sound somewhat complex, but it’s actually very simple, transparent, and straightforward, and it’s accomplished in four easy steps, utilising our guidance, experience and expertise.

Four Steps to Perfection

  • Step One – Register online to make your appointment for a consultation with our expert, who has the experience to help you define your style and preferences.
  • Step Two – An initial 3D design is done after the consultation with input and inspiration from you, ensuring that you’re intimately involved in having your ring exactly as you visualise it. After taking your budget and relevant factors into account, we give you a quote.
  • Step Three – The clearly detailed 3D design is presented to you for approval, without which the manufacturing process will not be initiated.
  • Step Four – You receive your sparkling, bespoke diamond (or other gemstone) engagement ring, but only after meticulous quality control examination under magnification is conducted to the satisfaction and approval of our master craftsmen and jewellery experts, who insist on the perfection that you deserve.

At no charge and in consultation with you, one of our diamond experts will assist you in selecting a certified, conflict-free diamond, chosen from diamond mines in Cullinan, South Africa, for its quality, beauty, and brilliance, in accordance with the internationally accepted 4C principles – cut, clarity, carat, and colour.

Because no middle man and expensive retail spaces are involved, you’re able to obtain more or better diamonds with the resulting cost savings, which equates to more value (or diamond/s) for your money, without compromising on anything. Your active participation in the process ensures that you’ll soon wear a beautiful bespoke engagement ring that you’ll treasure forever.

Custom-Made Engagement Rings

Where Tradition and Contemporary Preferences Come Together Through Custom Designs

Custom-made engagement rings may seem like something of the modern age, but truth is that the concept originated thousands of years ago in a land far away. Indeed, it was tradition in Ancient Egypt to custom design engagement rings. The very shape of the jewellery piece signified the partner’s commitment for eternity.Continue reading

Where to Find Custom-Designed High-Quality Engagement Rings

Where to Find Custom-Designed High-Quality Engagement Rings

Buying an engagement ring is for many one of the most expensive once-off investments they will ever make, apart from buying a home. It goes without saying that careful thought should go into the buying process. While many millennials now shop together for high-quality engagement rings, some still prefer choosing the ring for their partner.Continue reading

The Secret Meanings Behind Diamond Engagement Rings

The Secret Meanings Behind Diamond Engagement Rings

With an array of diamond engagement rings for sale, how do you choose one that will match your personality? It need not be a daunting task. Apart from our exceptional range of diamond jewellery for sale, we also offer you the opportunity to customise the design of your engagement ring to meet your requirements. Our diamonds come all the way from Cullinan in South Africa, so you can expect the best and ethically sourced stones to be used in our range of diamond rings for sale.Continue reading

What to consider with Bespoke Jewellery Design

Grace Diamonds offers bespoke jewellery design including rings, earrings, pendants and bracelets.

If you are looking for unique jewellery piece, designed and customised to your specifications, this service offers just that – bespoke jewellery design.

What goes into designing a custom piece

Creating a bespoke jewellery design gives you a lot of freedom to design and dream up a jewellery piece that fits your needs. There are a few checkpoints to keep in mind.


Metals are weighted in Karats (not to be confused with the carat weight of diamonds) indicate the percentage of gold that is present in the metal mix.

Platinum is widely in jewellery manufacture, as it is the hardest of the jewellery metals.

Yellow and Rose Gold are very popular choices for engagement rings, their warm tones work beautifully on the skin and provide a beautiful, rich setting for diamonds and many other gemstones showcasing their beauty in engagement rings, earrings, pendants and other jewellery pieces.

White Gold, which is also mixed with alloys and to many people looks a lot like Platinum, is often used to accentuate the whiteness of diamonds.

It has a warmer white shine than platinum and is also preferred to it in jewellery with an intricate or vintage design.

Stone Types

The differing gemstones not only look different, but could also have a different meaning in your bespoke jewellery design. Some gemstones are attributed to certain months as birth stones, and some even to anniversaries. The most prominent stone types include:

  • Diamond
  • Sapphire
  • Ruby
  • Emerald
  • Garnet
  • Peridot
  • Aquamarine
  • Topaz
  • Amethyst
  • Opal
  • Citrine
  • Zircon

Stone Cuts

The cut of your selected stone in your bespoke jewellery design is very much a personal element, and depends much on the personality of the person who will be wearing the stone. There are many different shapes, with the most popular below.

Stone weight

A stone’s weight, measured in Carat, affects the jewellery piece’s size and price.

At Grace Diamonds we look at the four “C’s” when setting up your design:

  1. ‘Cut’ with diamonds is not to do with the diamond’s shape, such as pear, oval, or round, but rather to do with how close to optimal the placement and proportion of the many facets of the stone is.
  2. Clarity – Almost every diamond has impurities called ‘inclusions’ or ‘blemishes’. The closer the diamond comes to flawless, the greater the value placed on it.
  3. Colour – The colour of a diamond or rather the lack of it, is indicated by using an alphabet scale ranging from D = colourless to Z = very yellow or brown. Colour grading is done by measuring diamonds against a master set of stones under strict lighting conditions.
  4. Carat – Diamond carat weight put simply tells you about its size. Diamonds are already rare, and as size and carat weight increase, they become more scarce.

By adhering strictly to the standard set out by the 4Cs, and aiming to deliver the highest quality in luxury jewellery, the Grace Diamond experience is as unforgettable and high-class as the diamond itself. You can read more about our process here.

If you need some inspiration, be sure to follow us on Pinterest or visit our inspiration gallery for designs produced by Grace Diamonds.

If you’d like to book your bespoke design consultation, be sure to do so today. Click here to book it now.

The Grace Diamonds Classic Collection

There have been certain jewellery pieces that have for a very long time, brought joy to many people. The shape and form they take, not only in their physical state, but also in the heart of the receiver is as powerful as any promise.

Classic jewellery pieces don’t only make beautiful gifts for birthdays, anniversaries or the festive season, but also make for great self-gifting options.

The neutrality of design, and brilliance of simplicity evokes a splendour, making it the perfect piece in any of its shapes.

Grace Diamonds offer five items, handpicked by founder Gráinne Seoige, that can be customised to create a unique gift for your loved one, or for yourself.

Items in the Grace Diamonds Classic Collection include a beautiful set f diamond stud earring, available in 18kt Yellow, White or Rose gold. You can select your own diamond weight, to make your set of diamond studs bespoke for you, or for the lucky person receiving them.

After all, there is nothing wrong with investing in beautiful items for yourself.

The eternity ring is a beautifully set diamond ring, with a continuous line of stones inlaid into the whole length of the band. The eternity ring is part of the Grace Diamonds Classics collection, and symbolises never ending love. It is usually given by a spouse, mostly for anniversaries, but can be presented as a gift at any time of year.

If you are looking for something a little more sparkly, the Huggies, a hooped earring version with a number of diamonds inlaid into the hoops are also available.

Other items in the Grace Diamonds Classic Collection include a delicate tennis bracelet, available in White Gold, with a double latch. The double latch provides a safety system which secures the clasp of the bracelet using two safety latches, ensuring your bracelet won’t get lost on the tennis court as with Chris Evert during a vigorous match – the origin story of the tennis bracelet.

If you are looking for something a little more classical, we also suggest the Grace Diamonds Classic Collection pendant. This is a delicate two diamond set piece, beautiful as a me-to-me gift, or even for a close relative or loved one.

All items in the collection can be customised, with carat weight as well as metal choices, except for the tennis bracelet which is only available in White Gold.

So, what will be on your Christmas shopping list? Who will you be spoiling – will this be the year of you, or will you be gifting someone else with the beauty of diamonds.

Follow our Facebook page for updates on new collections and pieces.

Gráinne Shines on | RSVP Magazine

She is the glamourous Gaeilgeoir from the West of Ireland whose sultry tones, enigmatic presence and hardworking attitude made her the queen of Irish television. Now presenter Grainne Seoige has launched a sparkling new diamond career with her South African born fiancé Leon, who she credits as being a
wonderful support. RSVP had the pleasure of catching up with the warm 43-year old whose infectious laugh and sharp sense of humour only add to her talent and beauty. In one of her most open and honest interviews to date, Gráinne tells us about her journey to starting Grace Diamonds, how she hasn’t left television despite the ‘axed’ headlines, that she is anything but fearless and that the ‘ice-queen’ tagline couldn’t be further from the truth.