3 Reasons Why Custom Engagement Rings Are a Better Investment

With the industrial revolution came mass-produced goods that were easy and cheap to come by – a fact upon which modern society still heavily relies today. Food, toys, fast fashion clothing, and just about every item in our homes is mass-produced. When it comes to jewellery, unfortunately, mass-produced products lose any semblance of individuality. Now, more than ever, buyers are looking for authentic, bespoke services – especially in terms of custom engagement rings.

You see, a marriage proposal is one of those life-changing moments that families reminisce about for years to come. It’s a magical memory that cements itself in the minds of a couple and ultimately sets the tone for their romantic future together. A proposal is intimate, personal, and highly cherished – something far too valuable to mark with a store-bought band. If you are on the fence about whether you should be looking for retail or custom engagement rings, then here we look into a few reasons why the latter is a better investment.

  1. You Have Complete Creative Control

Whether you are designing your own or one for your partner, custom engagement rings give you absolute control when it comes to the design process. At every phase of the journey, you can step in and change whatever you would like. Unlike purchasing a ready-made band that might seem as though it’s not quite right, you can employ a bespoke service to design a piece that is precisely how you want it.

  • You Designate Your Own Budget

You will find that one of the first myths you’ll come across while researching custom engagement rings is that it is vastly more expensive. The fact is that you can set your budget and decide how your money will be used. Store-bought products also need to cover plenty of overhead costs like labour, advertising, insurance, and utilities. Bespoke services allow you transparency in understanding what every phase of the process costs.

  • There is No Comparison in Quality

Mass-produced jewellery created in a production line is not likely to be made with the same time, love, and care as a tailored piece. In terms of quality, you are far more likely to receive a ring made with higher standards in mind when a master craftsman creates it.

Here at Grace Diamonds, each of our custom engagement rings is expertly designed and crafted with the greatest commitment to a top-quality end-result. If you would like to cut out the middleman and enjoy bespoke services and a custom piece made with only the finest raw materials, we invite you to get in touch with us today.

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