Bespoke Engagement Rings and the Secret to Choosing the Right One

If you and your partner have been discussing the prospect of marriage for a while, you may feel it is time to finally take the leap and propose. The problem arises, though, when you cannot seem to find the right ring at any of the generic jewellery stores you visit. The solution, of course, is to look into bespoke engagement rings.

Bespoke engagement rings come with a few benefits, mainly that they cater to personal style, preferences, and lifestyle. You get to engage with the piece’s manufacturers to craft an item of exceptional beauty, precisely to your liking. In this way, you gift your loved one with a band that shows them how much thought and care went into creating their ring. With so many styles and trends available, however, how does one decide? Below we discuss a few simple steps on how best to decide on the creative direction you wish to take with a bespoke engagement ring.

Step 1: Go Window Shopping

While the most obvious point, many engagement rings are not well received because they have nothing to do with what the wearer likes. A large, gaudy ring, for example, may not be within the taste of someone who prefers a small and delicate band. Take some time to browse through jewellery shops and get a feel of what your partner likes. Ask specific questions about gem cuts, colours, and types of metal they like. Don’t forget to find out your partner’s ring size by having them try on different rings or measuring one they currently own.

Step 2: Think About What You Both Value

This step requires a little reconnaissance, as you will need to explore and investigate several factors. Firstly, consider your partner’s overall style, likes, and dislikes. Secondly, think about aspects of your relationship that you both value and enjoy. Perhaps you both adore the rain, or a quote from a poem – these are elements that can be incorporated into bespoke engagement rings.

Step 3: Finalise Your Budget

Shop around to get an approximate idea of how much engagement rings cost and dedicate a budget to the process. When partnering with us, we stick to your given price point, but will also advise you on various options within your budget.

So, if you are ready to start your journey into a custom engagement band, then why not allow us to walk you through this exciting phase of your relationship? To find out more, don’t hesitate to contact us for a free, professional consultation.

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