5 Popular Trends That Are Transforming the Way We See Custom Handcrafted Rings

Like fashion, décor, and even weddings, jewellery is subject to international trends that dictate demand. While handcrafted rings are unique and timeless, it is evident that even they draw inspiration from new ideas. While jewellery fads are often driven by celebrities and even a defiance of previous mainstream ideas, handcrafted rings are usually unique and expressive. While trends in handmade designs do inspire many individuals globally, it is important to remember that they also provide much room for personal style and creativity.

Below are five trends that do a great job of allowing the designer to express their creativity.

  1. Mixing Metals

A few years ago, pairing silver earrings with a gold necklace would have been considered strange. Today, we see beautiful metal combinations in custom handcrafted rings that emphasise the allure of the chosen gems. Intricate designs are also far more visible with the contrast of two or three different metals.

  • The Antique Feel

Vintage aesthetics have been trending for a while now, and we suspect this ageless style will continue to stick around. Coloured stones in unique shapes and bands that look slightly weathered are distinctly romantic. If you would like something with a little more character than a pristine, gleaming band, then try to explore some old-world designs.

  • Interesting Stone Cuts

You may be tired of seeing standard, round diamonds. If this is the case, then you will adore the look of something a little less traditional. Nowadays, we see fascinating jewel shapes, such as pear and half-moon handcrafted rings.

  • Hidden Details

Handmade bands become even more special to the receiver when they have been designed with a few unexpected surprises. Hidden pavé accents, an engraved message on the inside of the ring, or even an unseen gem or two allow for an intimate secret expression between the giver and receiver of the piece.

  • Stackable Bands

While women often stack their engagement and wedding rings, stackable bands have become even bolder in their recent designs. Bands with different colours, stones, metals, and settings can be stacked (sometimes in any order) if crafted to fit into each other. This also gives the wearer the option of only wearing one or two of the rings depending upon how they feel on the day.

If you are interested in incorporating elements of these trends into your custom-made ring, we can help. With our bespoke jewellery design services, we will assist you in crafting a masterpiece that is perfect as an engagement or wedding ring, gift, or memory band.

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