4 Ways to Customise Your Handcrafted Ring

Pieces of jewellery, rings in particular, are highly personal treasures that are used to represent love, friendship, and affection. Engagements and weddings are where rings are most popular, but they are also given as gifts between family members and friends.

What could be more meaningful than receiving a band customised to suit you? It is for this reason that so many people decide to have rings designed and tailored to suit the wearer. If you are considering gifting such an intimate item to someone you care for, then have a look at some of the ways in which you can personalise this trinket of love.

  1. Choose Your Metal

When considering your design, take into account that there are different types of metals with which to work. If the one you are gifting has never worn jewellery before, you may need to pay attention to their skin tone. Warmer skin tones do well with yellow or rose gold, while cooler skin tones look perfect when adorned with sparkling silver, white gold, or platinum.

After selecting your metal of choice, you will need to figure out the type of finish you wish your jewellery to have. Mirror, matt, hammered, or even sand-blasted are all options that will influence the end product. Filigree details soldered onto handcrafted rings also add an element of vintage flair and uniqueness to your band.

  • Pick a Stone

Once your ring’s shape, metal, and finish are selected, you will need to know what kind of stone you would like. Diamonds remain ever popular, but another way to customise handcrafted rings is to choose the receiver’s birthstone. At this point, your jeweller will discuss the shape and setting with you.

  • Engraving

Nothing makes someone feel more special than a personal, expressive message. Have your sentiments last forever by engraving a line in your band to communicate something memorable. Whether done by machine, laser, or hand, engraved handcrafted rings are truly special gifts.

  • Fuse Elements of Rings You like

If you really feel stuck concerning the band you want created, then why not find some pictures of handcrafted rings you like online? By consulting with your jeweller, you will be able to fuse the components of different designs you like to create the adornment of your loved one’s dreams.

For custom, handcrafted rings made with the highest quality graded stones and metals, feel free to contact us today for your bespoke consultation.

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