Custom or Customary Diamond Rings

At Grace Diamonds, we’re actively engaged in the creative world of designing, manufacturing, and supplying our clients directly with their custom jewellery requirements – particularly their gorgeous custom diamond rings.


All our clients recognise and understand what is meant by “custom”, as it applies to the Grace Diamonds’ team and sphere of operation. Synonyms and adjectives for our use and description of the word “custom” include “bespoke”, “custom made”, “customised” “tailor made”, “tailored”, and “bespoke”, which are all contrary to the opposite – “mass produced”, “ready-made”, “off the shelf”, and “ready to wear or utilise”.

Nonetheless, it’s interesting to note that the other principle meaning of “custom” refers to tradition and that which is customary or commonplace – quite the contrary of items that are designed and produced on a once-off, unique basis, exclusively for a singular buyer or client, according to his or her own personal taste, order, requirements, and specifications.

It’s barely any wonder that non-English speakers may struggle to master the English language. However, no one, irrespective of their country of origin or home language, fails to recognise the inimitable benefits and enduring joy of acquiring and wearing custom diamond rings.

Our Diamond Ring Customisation Process

  • Register with us online to start the exciting, creative, custom diamond ring design and production process, which enables you and our consultant to select the style and price of your piece.
  • With your input, our expert designer establishes the design and specifications of a diamond ring that best suits you and your budget, according to which you’ll receive your custom quote.
  • We guide and assist you in selecting the legally sourced, conflict-free, and certified diamond/s which comply with your preference, the ring’s design, and your budget.
  • In line with your specifications, you’ll receive a precise, detailed 3D ring design that ensures that your custom piece perfectly matches your description. Once approved, we prepare a detailed beeswax ring mould, ensuring that our master goldsmiths know exactly what you require.
  • Upon completion, every custom diamond ring is subjected to stringent quality and craftsmanship controls, since these are aspects of the production process which determine jewellery perfection and our reputation as designers and manufacturers of fine custom diamond pieces.

It’s an easy, simple, and straightforward process to obtain your very own, totally unique custom diamond ring through the Grace Diamonds, which enables you to get more ring/diamonds for your money, since no middleman is involved. This saving extends your budget and your options for your custom diamond ring.

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