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Since the De Beers diamond company adopted the now world-renowned tag line “A Diamond is Forever” in the 1930s, coined by a New York advertising agency copywriter, it has become traditional to include one or more diamonds in the setting of women’s engagement rings.

Diamonds Are Forever

During the devastating Great Depression, the sales of diamonds declined drastically, hence the company’s efforts to re-establish diamonds as the precious gemstone of choice in jewellery. This they did with great success, once the campaign and slogan took off internationally. Diamonds continue to have the “forever” implication and association today, and these magnificent, fiery gems are universally sought after to signify a couple’s betrothal and intention to marry.

Unethical Diamond Trade

Unfortunately, the demand for fine diamonds and their high value and cost has given rise to the trade in unethically sourced diamonds, a trade which is typically driven by greedy warmongers and shady, overly ambitious seekers of wealth, ill-gotten gains, and power. These illegal gemstones are the so-called Blood Diamonds.

After ethically-minded parties signed an international (Kimberley Process) agreement, a resolution to ensure that their diamonds are ethically sourced, it is illegal and totally unethical to trade in diamonds from dubious sources.

Certified and Conflict-Free

At Grace Diamonds, our jewellery dealing company, we specialise in providing you with high-end, bespoke, and custom designed and manufactured diamond engagement rings, as well as loose diamonds. We’re members of the Jewellery Council of South Africa, so all our diamonds are internationally certified as conflict-free by the reputable and respected GIA and EGL South Africa.

At Grace Diamonds, we source our certified, conflict-free diamonds for engagement rings and other fine pieces from Cullinan, South Africa – the location of the Cullinan Diamond Mine. For many years, this illustrious mine has been producing diamonds of exceptional quality.

Complete, Comprehensive Engagement Ring Services

We offer a complete, comprehensive diamond engagement ring service. This is the procedure we follow:

  • A Grace Diamond expert consults with you to determine your ideal type of ring design and specifications.
  • W assists you in designing your ring and selecting your certified diamond/s.
  • We provide a quote, accordingly.
  • We send a 3D rendering of the ring for your approval.
  • Our master craftsmen manufacture and meticulously quality check the finished product.

With our expertise and ethical assistance, you get more and better for your money, plus the custom-designed, handcrafted, unique diamond engagement ring that speaks of your style, taste, personality, and enduring love – forever.

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