The Benefits of Beautiful Bespoke Engagement Rings by Grace Diamonds

When you order bespoke goods, it’s clear that you’d prefer to have an item that’s unique – unlike any other. Bespoke pieces reflect your style, preference, lifestyle, and personality. Some may consider bespoke goods as being unaffordable, because products that are not mass produced, but handmade, typically cost considerably more.

Creative Design and Skilled Craftsmanship

The talents of a creative designer, combined with the skills of an experienced, competent craftsman, are required to manufacture customised pieces, and never more so than when the piece in question is a bespoke engagement ring. A distinctive engagement ring is that one very special piece of jewellery of which the bride-to-be has dreamed of ever since she was a little girl.

A One-of-a-Kind Engagement Ring

However, these little girls grow up and are about to fulfil this dream, they don’t want a run-of-the-mill engagement ring – they want a ring that is unusual.  They want a ring that is a one-of-a-kind, bespoke piece that they have never spotted in the display window of a retail jeweller or on the finger of anyone else.

Avoiding Avoidable Costs

Are you just such a discerning lady with an eye for detail and a yen for that which is exclusive? Do you want to have input in the design of your ring? Where might you and your partner go to have your dream bespoke engagement brought to reality, without being charged an exorbitant sum of money to cover traditional manufacturing jewellers’ retail overhead costs?

In our high-end, jewellery design, diamond sourcing, and jewellery manufacturing operation, Grace Diamonds omits the middlemen and avoids spending money on high overhead costs associated with running a typical retail jewellery store.

Our process enables our clients to have personal contact with our design experts and master craftsmen, who create inimitable, bespoke engagement rings, according to clients’ desires, specifications, and budgets. We’re thus able to give you more (value/high-end engagement rings) for your money.

Beautiful Bespoke Pieces

All our diamonds and gemstones are officially certified. None are obtained from unethical sources. As members of the reputable Jewellery Council of South Africa, we adhere to their strict code of ethical conduct, so you can rest assured that your engagement ring and its gemstones can be worn with the pride that befits a beautiful bespoke piece.

Grace Diamonds, in conjunction with our select associates and the South African diamond jewellery market, has produced magnificent, innovative, bespoke engagement rings and other pieces for clients that include royalty, celebrities, industry moguls, retail customers, and others who value and enjoy fine jewellery. We look forward to receiving the brief for your bespoke engagement ring!.

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