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Luxury is ascribed to a product, service, item, or lifestyle that has one or more characteristics that are beyond mere necessity or that which is customary. Rings, worn on the fourth finger of the left hand in western countries and cultures indicate a promise, betrothal, intent to marry, or an already achieved married status.

Traditional Diamond and Plain Rings

Traditionally, engagement rings were set with one or a few diamonds. Wedding bands tended to be plain – either unadorned or subtly decorated with engraved patterns. Plain wedding rings weren’t luxury jewellery pieces because their purpose was symbolic, rather than decorative or luxurious.

Characteristics of Luxury Diamond Rings

Rings differ today. Grace Diamonds places luxury diamond rings on the fingers of increasing numbers of discerning fine jewellery aficionados. One person’s concept of luxury may vary from that of another. Nonetheless, Grace Diamonds, in consultation with you, custom designs and handcrafts bespoke luxury diamond rings to adorn your hands.

The luxury aspect of a diamond is determined by a combination of the 4 Cs, none of which should be viewed in isolation. Here is a brief explanation:

  • Although diamonds are not graded according to size (in mm), their carat weight is usually relatively commensurate with their visible “size”. Carat refers to the name and weight of a carob seed, which is very close to the weight of a 1-carat diamond. Diamonds of 1 carat and larger have a far greater pro rata value and luxury aspect than those below 1 carat
  • A diamond’s ideal cut is a factor in determining its luxury status and has various interrelated aspects, or should we say – facets, literally and figuratively. There’s an interplay between its depth, shape, table, planes, angles, and the accuracy and uniformity of its cut, all of which enhance or detract from its brilliance and fire
  • The different gasses that are present when a diamond crystallises influence its colour, which is categorised alphabetically. The closer the diamond’s colour is to A, the whiter and more luxurious it is. However, brighter, more obvious colours that are graded towards the other end of the alphabet are rare and known as fancy diamonds, and in some cases, they are even more valuable and luxurious than the pure whites at the alphabet’s beginning
  • Clarity refers to the inclusions or flaws that frequently occur in the bodies of diamonds. They are specified by the letters S (small), V (very), and numbers, thus indicating the number and size of the inclusions present. Therefore, the code VVS||| is referring to three very, very small or minor inclusions

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