Correcting Impressions about Handcrafted Engagement Rings

Grace Diamonds is a premier designer and manufacturer of handcrafted, custom-made, beautiful engagement rings. Our design, selection, manufacturing, and marketing processes are easy, straightforward, transparent, and exclusive, and yet, our method of operation provides our clients with more for their money, which is rather rare for exclusive modern handcrafted goods.

The Effect of the Industrial Revolution

Today, handcrafted items are more sought after than ever before. During and following the Industrial Revolution, new mechanised production and manufacturing processes gradually took the place of handcrafting and crafters, thus leading to the partial or total demise of generations of master craftsmen and their talents and skills.

Mass-produced, machine-made goods were suddenly all the rage – first as a newly invented trend and then for being more affordable for growing numbers of people – the masses who gave rise to mass markets.

Proudly Handcrafted

However, some products and famous brands that were to emerge in the post-Industrial Revolution period continued to be partially or completely handcrafted or hand finished. Manufacturers of handcrafted products built the strength of their respective brands on this proud fact, as well as the customers’ demand to own such exclusive items.

In this respect, one thinks of handmade Louboutin shoes and Gucci shoes, as well as hand-assembled and hand-finished Rolls Royce cars. Both shoes and cars (and many other items) may be custom made too, in addition to being handcrafted. A customised product is made for a specific customer, and according to that customer’s precise specifications and requirements.

Incorrect Impressions and Perceptions

The perception may exist that handcrafted and custom-made engagement rings are exorbitantly expensive, especially if you have expensive handmade shoes and cars in the back of your mind. Hence, you might get the impression that handcrafted engagement rings are only intended for the most affluent couples for whom money may be incidental.

Our Handcrafting Facts

Not so – not at Grace Diamonds. Our business model and handcrafting process are very different from the norm, which typically includes one or more retail outlets, related overhead expenses, stockholding of numerous engagement rings in various designs, advertising, insurance and security, store-staff salaries, and costly middlemen.

Take away all these business costs and replace them with an efficient, straightforward, secure online operation that involves your participation in the creation of your engagement ring and choice of diamonds, teams of talented engagement ring designers, cutting edge 3D online display technology, master jewellers who are expert customising and handcrafting specialists, and precise quality-control measures.

When you engage Grace Diamonds to make your handcrafted engagement dreams become a reality, you have the peace of mind of knowing that you’re getting a top-quality, completely unique piece that will reflect your love forever.

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