The Sale of Bespoke Engagement Rings

If there was ever one piece of treasured jewellery that most women long to wear from an early age, it’s sure to be an engagement ring – a breathtaking creation that is typically set with one or more diamonds. This special ring may also contain other precious gemstones, but diamonds, sparkling with their unique, lively inner fire, are by far the favourite stones contained in the vast majority of engagement rings worn on ring fingers and seen on sale in jewellers’ collections.

Girls’ Dreams

In almost every girl’s life, there are several days, dates, and special occasions that are eagerly anticipated – standing out head and shoulders above all others, to be fondly stored in their forever dream and memory banks. Many of these auspicious events are imagined, dreamed about, and longed for from that early age.

Little girls are delighted and excited to be asked to be a flower girl or confetti bearer. They cannot wait to become teenagers, turn sixteen, dress up in gorgeous evening wear to attend a once-in-a-lifetime dance, and then celebrate a 21st birthday – both of which are milestones for most young ladies.

The Love Story

Next, there’s meeting her prince and perfect partner, falling in love, and eventually becoming engaged to be married. Although trends, norms, expectations, and lifestyles have changed, a girl’s romantic dreams typically endure.

An engagement ring is a symbol of love, and a visible sign that the wearer is promised to another, in love, and intent to commit to marriage. The marriage vow “forsaking all others” is also somewhat symbolically implicit in wearing an engagement ring.

Acquiring Engagement Rings

Unless you’re getting engaged with a ring that’s a family heirloom, passed down from one generation to the next, there are two ways of acquiring a new engagement ring – choosing a ring that’s on display and offered for sale at a traditional retail jeweller’s shop or opting for a custom-made, completely unique engagement ring. The one for sale in a conventional retailer is typically produced in numbers by manufacturers, whilst the latter is a once-off piece (a creation unlike any other) provided for sale to the customer.

Contrary to commonplace perception, bespoke engagement rings are not necessarily more expensive than those that are mass produced. At Grace Diamonds, we specialise in offering you a personal, custom design and creation service from start to finish. In consultation and collaboration with you, we design, craft, and manufacture your ring, setting it with the certified diamonds and/or gems that you’ve personally selected, thereby ensuring that your enduring engagement ring dreams come true – within your means and according to your specifications and exacting standards.

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