How To Be Involved in Handcrafting Your Engagement Ring

Trends and buying patterns change. Once upon a time, everything was handcrafted. Once mass-production processes were invented, mass produced goods became all the rage and were often seen as status symbols in the early days of the adoption of these new manufacturing methods.

Mass Production

Mass production had another advantage – prices decreased commensurate with the quantities produced. This made such merchandise more accessible and more affordable to more people, which perpetuated the cycle that still proliferates today. However, change is a constant in marketplace demands.

Preference for Exclusive Handcrafted Goods

Discerning customers and clients are moving away from such relatively commonplace goods, again preferring to have exclusive, unique pieces that are handcrafted according to their individual wishes, requirements, personal preference, style, and specifications. Handcrafting is also appreciated for the skills involved, the creative and innovative talents of the designers and master craftsmen and women, and the superior quality standards that are applied by reputable custom manufacturers like Grace Diamonds.

Grace Diamonds’ Bespoke Process

At Grace Diamonds, we manufacture bespoke handcrafted engagement rings, utilising a process that omits the middle man and associated, unnecessary costs, while involving you in the exciting fun of our design procedure, as well as the selection of your unique diamond/s. In doing so, you’re personally invested in obtaining an exclusive engagement ring that meets your expectations and dreams.

Our step-by-step process is straightforward, transparent and easy. It is as follows:

  • Register online for a consultation with an experienced Grace Diamonds team member to establish your wishes, style, and preferences.
  • Together, you and our specialist will design your engagement ring.
  • We provide you with a precision 3D design for your approval, after which a precise wax mould of your custom designed ring is made, from which our master craftsmen and goldsmiths will apply their handcraftsmanship skills.
  • With our guidance and knowledge of the all-important four Cs involved in selecting diamonds, you choose your certified diamond/s, which are ethically sourced by us from one of the world’s premier diamond mines – the Cullinan Mine in South Africa. The Cullinan Mine continues to yield some of the world’s top diamonds since its founding in 1902.
  • After being meticulously handcrafted and hand finished, your exclusive engagement ring is put through stringent quality controls and examination by our master craftsmen, ensuring that your piece is perfect in every breathtaking aspect.

Your certified, custom-made, handcrafted engagement ring by Grace Diamonds, in collaboration with you, is ready to seal your love and adorn your finger – now and forever a stunning symbol of your enduring love, commitment, and dreams.

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