Bespoke or Retail Sale of Engagement Rings – Your Choice

In the quest to find that perfect engagement ring, one which reflects you, your personality, and your style, there are two fundamental routes to follow. Firstly, you’ll probably browse through relevant magazines and websites, do window shopping where and whenever you come across a retail jewellery outlet’s window displays, and/or go into traditional jewellers to try on various engagement rings that are offered for sale.

Traditional Retail Route

Unless you know exactly what you want, these steps and stops at retailers’ premises are helpful in narrowing down your choices and establishing what you like and which type, style, and design best suits you, your hand, and your personality. You’ll also get an idea of the cost of retail rings for comparison purposes later on – at which time you’ll probably realise that our custom-made pieces offer more for your money.

Unique Bespoke Pieces

The second and recommended way to obtain that dream engagement ring involves an entirely different process, which consists of a bespoke design, diamond selection, manufacturing, purchasing, and from our side – the sale. This sales process may sound somewhat complex, but it’s actually very simple, transparent, and straightforward, and it’s accomplished in four easy steps, utilising our guidance, experience and expertise.

Four Steps to Perfection

  • Step One – Register online to make your appointment for a consultation with our expert, who has the experience to help you define your style and preferences.
  • Step Two – An initial 3D design is done after the consultation with input and inspiration from you, ensuring that you’re intimately involved in having your ring exactly as you visualise it. After taking your budget and relevant factors into account, we give you a quote.
  • Step Three – The clearly detailed 3D design is presented to you for approval, without which the manufacturing process will not be initiated.
  • Step Four – You receive your sparkling, bespoke diamond (or other gemstone) engagement ring, but only after meticulous quality control examination under magnification is conducted to the satisfaction and approval of our master craftsmen and jewellery experts, who insist on the perfection that you deserve.

At no charge and in consultation with you, one of our diamond experts will assist you in selecting a certified, conflict-free diamond, chosen from diamond mines in Cullinan, South Africa, for its quality, beauty, and brilliance, in accordance with the internationally accepted 4C principles – cut, clarity, carat, and colour.

Because no middle man and expensive retail spaces are involved, you’re able to obtain more or better diamonds with the resulting cost savings, which equates to more value (or diamond/s) for your money, without compromising on anything. Your active participation in the process ensures that you’ll soon wear a beautiful bespoke engagement ring that you’ll treasure forever.

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