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There’s no question – luxury is lovely. The more luxurious a product, brand, or service is, the more we like and want it. Although this motivation to acquire luxury items and lifestyles does display one’s affluence or financial status to some extent, most lovers of luxury simply appreciate the finer things in life, and why not?

What is luxury? By definition, anything that qualifies as being luxurious is just that; it’s not essential or basic, like food, water, shelter, an education, and a means to earn an income. Luxury goods and services are things to which many aspire that are beyond what is essential or necessary, which is often reflected in the price of luxuries.

Hand Crafts – Bartered or Bought

Today, virtually anything that’s custom made is expected to represent luxury and exclusivity, from dresses to designer furniture and diamond rings, but this was not always so. At one time, virtually everything people wished to acquire was bartered or bought with money, and was invariably hand crafted or custom made. No other production or manufacturing method existed.

Mass Production

As early as 1798, an American weapons manufacturer began to mass produce his products. However, mass production only really began on an industrial scale when Henry Ford’s vision was to make motorised vehicles en masse. He wanted to produce cars that were cheaper and more reliable – essential modes of travel and transport that everyone could own and afford.

Consequently, Ford introduced mass production via a moving assembly line. Soon, almost everything from furniture to appliances, clothing, footwear, consumables, and jewellery was made en masse for the mass markets – each item almost a carbon copy of the next. Soon, mass-produced goods were sought after and popular.

Full Circle – Back to Craftsmanship

Like in so many other fields, the art of custom made, hand-finished jewellery and diamond ring manufacturing have come full circle. Discerning lovers of luxury, exclusivity, and superior, unique quality are once again seeking bespoke diamond rings and other jewellery pieces. Following the mass route is no longer an option in the selection of jewellery.

Making Luxury Pieces More Affordable.

Grace Diamonds, our jewellery and diamond ring manufacturing company, believes in making luxury bespoke diamond and other gemstone pieces accessible to our clients by offering them once-off pieces at fair prices by providing value for money in a traditionally high mark-up, high-profit luxury market.

Because we have omitted a middle man and we work from office premises, rather than a customary retail shop, which carries costly (and mass produced) stock, we’re able to keep our operation lean and keen. This is reflected in our quotes and prices for custom-made luxury diamond rings – every girl’s aspiration and favourite. Contact us for professional, expert assistance in taking that leap into luxury.

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