Where Tradition and Contemporary Preferences Come Together Through Custom Designs

Custom-made engagement rings may seem like something of the modern age, but truth is that the concept originated thousands of years ago in a land far away. Indeed, it was tradition in Ancient Egypt to custom design engagement rings. The very shape of the jewellery piece signified the partner’s commitment for eternity.

The same symbolism is associated with engagement rings today, and we still custom design high-end jewellery. Tradition seems to be just as important today as it has ever been. Take for example the custom of wearing the engagement ring on the third finger. The concept can be traced back to the ancient civilisation of Rome, where it was believed that the vein in the third finger connected to the heart. It was referred to as the Vena Amoris. One might believe there is some truth to it, seeing as people generally get a sparkle of everlasting love in their eyes when they wear one of our custom-made engagement rings.

Some traditions, however, have been lost with time and perhaps for the best. The Romans, for instance, gave two custom-designed engagement rings. The one was made from iron and for wearing at home. The more impressive gold one was worn outside the house. Of course, one could revive the tradition with two engagement rings. The one with a more practical design could be for the ring at home, while the extravagant and simply magnificent custom-designed engagement ring could be for wearing to social events.

It was, however, Pope Nicolas I who in the 9th century AD stated that an engagement could only be authentic if it was accompanied by a gold ring. This introduced the custom of gold as the choice of metal for engagement rings. Believe it or not – the gold was a symbol of the future spouse’s riches and financial commitment. Of course, today we have yellow and white gold, titanium, silver, and platinum as metals for custom-made engagement rings.

Diamonds, as stones for engagement rings, only officially came in use when Maximilian I of Austria presented Mary of Burgundy a custom designed engagement ring featuring a setting of diamonds in an “M” shape.

We are proud to carry on the tradition of personalised and bespoke jewellery. We offer exquisite custom-made engagement rings to meet your style and requirements. You decide on the price, metal, and stone. In addition, you can decide on the cut and can even choose a traditional, yet forgotten style such as the twin ring made from interlocking hoops. The ring design originated during the Middle Ages and by following this tradition, you and your partner present each other with one of the hoops. The hoops are reunited when you get married.

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