What Does Your Bespoke Diamond Jewellery Say About You?

Did you know that the cut diamond you wear has a secret meaning? Every cut is different and can state something about your characteristics. Would you like to know what your bespoke diamond jewellery says about you?

Five Diamond Shapes and Their Meanings

There are many more diamond shapes than just these five, but for now, we are going to focus on just a few:

  • Princess
  • Oval
  • Heart
  • Marquise
  • Emerald

Do You Feel Like Royalty Yet?

The princess cut is square on top and goes down into a point at the bottom. This style of bespoke diamond jewellery says that you appreciate attention. It has the same sparkle of a round diamond and is edgy. For a modern and glamorous look, this shape is a winner. It also resembles someone willing to take risks and has the potential of being a leader. If you want bespoke diamond jewellery that speaks to your leadership qualities, then the princess cut diamond is for you.

Family Means No One Is Left Behind

An oval-shaped diamond represents fertility. It is a superb shape for those wanting to show their love for their families. And, it is an exceptionally trendy diamond cut. It can also show that you are a strong individual with a creative mind. The oval is the cut to choose if you want to stand out or are rather individualistic.

A Bottle of Wine Under a Blanket of Stars

Are you a hopeless romantic? If you are, then the heart shape is for you. This stunning cut is a bold choice. It represents a strong willed and spontaneous person with extravagant taste. It screams young love and is not for the wary. It can also highlight your sweet and tender side, referring to the love that you share for your partner.

Have You Ever Been Kayaking?

The marquise shape is that of an oval, but with pointy ends. This makes it look like a small boat. It is definitely one of the most elegant choices and can make your fingers appear long and slender. This shape represents an extremely optimistic individual.

Classy and Trendy

The emerald cut has an elongated shape and layered corners. This is an extremely clear shape and represents confidence. It is for the more traditional person, wanting to look natural, yet chic. It has sophistication written all over it.

We sell bespoke diamond jewellery and as such, you can customise your engagement ring to match your lifestyle preferences, in addition to your individual style and personal characteristics.

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