The Secret Meanings Behind Diamond Engagement Rings

With an array of diamond engagement rings for sale, how do you choose one that will match your personality? It need not be a daunting task. Apart from our exceptional range of diamond jewellery for sale, we also offer you the opportunity to customise the design of your engagement ring to meet your requirements. Our diamonds come all the way from Cullinan in South Africa, so you can expect the best and ethically sourced stones to be used in our range of diamond rings for sale.

To get you started in the selection process and thus make it just a bit easier to choose from our collection of diamond rings for sale, we look at the hidden meanings of five of diamond styles:

  • Cushion cut
  • Pear cut
  • Brilliant cut
  • Radiant cut
  • Asscher cut

Soft and Sensual

The cushion cut is just that, a square shape with curved corners, giving it a sensual look and feel. It almost looks like a throw pillow. The cushion cut resembles a dauntless person with a romantic side. It is the perfect ring for those with a spicy attitude and a touch of softness.

Are Those Tears of Joy?

The pear shape looks just like a teardrop, with a round side and a pointed side. It is a traditional shape, but is quite rare in engagement rings. It shows that you are a unique person and are not shy when it comes to expressing yourself. It is a classy and stylish shape that is sure to attract attention.

Do You Want to Be More Traditional?

The brilliant cut is the most popular shape for diamond engagement rings. It is a classic and will always be a winner. The shape is round and gives the most sparkle of all shapes. It is also known as the round cut. It resembles ever-lasting love and is perfect for a fairy-tale romance.

Are You a People Person?

The radiant cut has eight corners and shines brightly. This diamond is a symbol of confidence and represents a person who likes to chat, and who is more than likely the life of any social event. The cut can be quite impressive and appeals to almost everyone with its glorious sparkle.

A Flare for the Dramatic

The Asscher cut is similar to that of the emerald in the sense of it having steps. It is a classic style and gives that approachable feel to a person. It represents a kind-hearted person who is enthusiastic about life. If the vintage style is something you appreciate, then the Asscher diamond engagement ring will definitely catch your eye.

Do not settle for less when the perfect diamond ring is waiting for you. Make use of our customisation option or browse our range of diamond rings for sale to find the ring that will be perfect match for your personality.

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