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At Grace Diamonds, we source our stones from one of the richest diamond-mining areas in the world: South Africa. Each certified diamond is carefully selected for its brilliance and beauty. With each stone from Grace Diamonds you can be assured of the highest quality and grading according to the industry standard 4Cs.

Choosing A Diamond Is A Journey…

Our personal FREE consultation includes:
  • Diamond educational experience – the 4C’s;
  • Viewing and selecting your Diamond;
  • Customizing any jewellery with your unique design;
  • Design, 3D sketch and render of your design; and
  • Saving you money and maximizing your budget in value and diamonds.

The 4C’s of Diamonds


Only diamond cuts diamond and when a rough diamond is cut and polished upto 72% of the stone is lost in the process.


The colour of the diamond is determined by the different gasses present during the crystallization process.


Diamonds contain minute traces of inclusions, these consist of non-crystallized carbon, cracks, bubbles, feathers, clouds etc.


The word carat was derived from the carob seed, each carob seed weighs very close to 1 carat.

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