Luxury Engagement Rings for Sale

The Secret of the Ring Size

There are multiple luxury engagement rings for sale. Choosing the right one can be challenging. However, it is not impossible. The more important question you should be asking yourself is what is the right size for the ring?

Secret Ways to Determine Her Size

Acquiring one of the luxury custom engagement rings, which we offer for sale, is certainly preferred, but only if it fits perfectly. Therefore, you need to start scheming. If your loved one knows that you want to propose, it will be easy to determine what size ring she wears. Just get out some string and a marker. However, if you want to surprise her, you have to be more creative. Below are some ways in which you could find out which size is right for her.

Do not tell anyone that might accidentally spill the beans to your loved one before you can surprise her with a luxury custom engagement ring.

Think on Your Feet

If you use what is around you to find out about the engagement ring size, you will have your answer in no time. If a friend is visiting and showing off her ring, you can ask about the size. For example, if the ring is small, you can say that is a stunning ring, what size is it, and then look at your partner and ask her what size she wears. She will be so focused on the friend’s new jewellery piece that she will not even notice your intentions.

Creative or Sneaky

If you cannot be subtle, be sneaky. When your girlfriend is sleeping, you can measure her finger. However, this might not work if she is a light sleeper. Another way that does not involve asking directly is to go through her jewellery box. Grab a few rings of different sizes and consult an expert in determining the average.

Do Not Be Shy

If all your attempts have been futile, then it might be time to call in the troops. If some of her friends are already married, they can easily get her to try on a luxury ring or two. They might even take her to go look at luxury engagement rings for sale. This way you will get more than just the size. Just be careful, an excited best friend might not be able to keep your secret.

If all else fails, ask her mom. Mothers have a tendency to ask many wedding questions out of the blue. Find the size, and we can help you design a luxury engagement ring so that you don’t have to go searching from shop to shop for generic rings for sale.

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