Bespoke Custom Made Engagement Rings

Why You Should Get a Custom-Made Engagement Ring

It makes sense to look at one or two engagement rings before you ask the love of your life to get married. If you cannot find what is right for her in a store, maybe you should have one custom made. However, designing the perfect bespoke ring is not always easy. You know that she will be wearing it for the rest of her life, so you want it to look good, and be easy to match with different outfits.

Tips for Creating Bespoke Engagement Rings

With a gift so important, there is no time to waste. Make sure that you get it right, especially since you will spend a considerable amount on buying it. Our designers will help you through the process. However, it would not hurt to know a little more. Below are some tips to help you design a custom-made engagement ring:

  • Size matters
  • Know the settings
  • Choose the right metal

Get the Size Right

Ask a friend of hers to get a hold of one of her favourite costume rings. Make an impression in clay or simply measure the inside diameter. Have the ring returned to her jewellery box as soon as possible and she will not suspect a thing.

Different Settings

There are two main types of settings. One is prolonged and the other is invisible. A prolonged setting is considered firmer because of the prongs holding the stone in place. However, these types of bespoke engagement rings can become entangled in hair or clothing. If she has long and curly hair or works with machinery, you might want to consider the invisible setting rather than the prolonged type.

The invisible setting will not cling to anything, as the stone is set directly in the metal’s surface. For a very fidgety person, one of our custom-made rings like this is perfect. However, if you want to add an exceptionally large stone, then a bespoke prolonged setting would be better

Gold or Silver

Choosing the right metal for the ring is quite simple. That is, assuming that your future lifelong partner has a jewellery box somewhere. Which colour is the most prominent in her jewellery collection? Does she wear gold or silver earrings? Whether it is classic gold, platinum, white gold, titanium, silver, or brass, there is a metal for her.

Just leave it in our hands. Our team of jewellery designers is experienced in designing and making bespoke engagement rings that will impress even the most discerning brides.

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